We are a production company creating visually stunning work for the global market. On a foundation of graphic and illustrative work we are a live action driven company with impeccable design and inventive art direction making —our directors’ journeys includes book covers, typography, illustration, still photography, music making and mechanical inventions, as well as classic film work.

Motivated by the expression of a distinct idea we are defined by a passion for detail and a celebration of aesthetics. At Aspekt even the smallest prop or camera movement matters, has a function, a reason for being. We’re very into details, and we mean not only in the visuals of the films but also how we handle production, communication and even in the way new pens are being selected for the office.

Based in Stockholm, capital of the small but sweet country of Sweden, we produce film all over the world — partnering with the greatest agencies, for the greatest of clients. Our projects reach from crafting complete concepts to refining existing scripts and ideas for all visual platforms. 

Do you want to be aspektifyed, please don’t hesitate to contact us — we’ll have fun and do good work together. Promise.

Alphabetical Order®

The very first assignment of Alphabetical Order was a free spread in a magazine, where they were allowed to do whatever they wanted. They asked for a front and backside of a single page, and then divided a world map into two separate images; one with the developing countries and one with the richest ones. They wrote in reverse: “the annual ice cream consumption in the rich part of the world is enough to supply all children with an education.” If you held the page against the light, you were able to read the text and the entire world came together. This first project summarizes how Alphabetical Order operate: by often exploring a given work frame, it results in something radically different. By constantly trying to turn things into something that sets them apart, they elevate projects into something greater than the original idea.

Marcus Linnér and Daniel de Viciola, the former with an education in graphic design from Konstfack, the University of Arts, Craft & Design, and the latter coming from a career in still photography, share the widest of views upon what inspires them. The duo have an eclectic reel unified by a cinematic style and intelligent concepts.

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Does it have anything to do with RGB colors? Is it in fact a weapon? Few has managed to figure out the meaning of the name RBG6. Therefore, to spare everyone the pain and once for all provide the simple answer: RBG6 is an abbreviation of Rödabergsgatan 6, the street address in Stockholm where Joel Nordström and Lars Ohlin once founded the directing duo RBG6.

Lars attended several art schools and Joel failed an engineering career before the two met at Konstfack (University Collage of Arts, Crafts and Design) in Stockholm in 1999. However the emerge of their visual universe didn’t happen until the summer of 2003, as the two collaborated on a visual identity for Swedish National Television. Their early work had a broader spectrum, including typography, music videos and graphic design before they later specialized in film making.

It is easy to understand that it started much earlier though. As kids they loved books such as the What makes it go by Joe Kaufman. The fantastic perpetual machines in drawings by danish Storm P (similar to british Heath Robinson and american Rube Goldberg). The graphic imagery of Jan Lööf and John Bauer. Platform computer games on the Macintosh SE (top of the line computer at the time of their childhood). LEGO and Meccano. As grown ups artists such as Magritte, Escher, Claes Oldenburg, Fischli + Weiss and Roman Signer has been important inspiration to the work of Joel and Lars.

This sums up to the graphic, stylized and somehow poetic style and narration that is typical to the work of RBG6. All films are achieved with a minute attention to detail and a fair portion of humor. Despite an ascetic visual language their overall goal is always to somehow make the viewer emotionally moved by their work.

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Linnéa Bergman

Linnea Bergman grew up surrounded by dance and music, the Stockholm Royal Opera was like a second home (we blame the ballet dancing, clarinett playing parents). Just to give you an idea. She saw the Swan Lake more than 13 times from the spectator seats as well as from behind the scenes before the age of 10. This environment introduced her to a magic, visual and auditory world. Costumes, characters, dance and music, things that would trigger any creative mind, not least a child with a big imagination.

The actual filmmaking however, came later in life. What started as a passion for drawing and dreams of becoming an illustrator at Konstfack. A course in title sequences and motion graphics changed her directionand so began a long lasting love affair with film.

She founded the director’s duo Ensrettet with a fellow class mate and started working with title sequences, identity films and commercials. Moving on solo Linnea Bergman has taken steps towords more classic live action. Her work is often defined by a combination of two elements. Light and movement.

Linneas film frames has rythm, a feeling of touch, a heartbeat: It being an umbrella catching wind, a traffic light, or a piece of fabric falling in mid air.

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Hannes Isaksson

Fascinated by monsters and movie make up from the 90:s blockbusters such as Terminator and The Thing Hannes started working in the Örebro Läns Theatre sculpturing props and prosthetics. He soon realized that there was more to know about the creation of film and began taking on random crew jobs so that he would be able to hang around sets and learn more. He also started to shoot his own short films and music videos, through which he began Hannes career as a DP. Resulting in starting the directors duo Fabio together with Martin Steinberg, now parted to pursue different goals.

Hannes continues his work as a director, always aspiring to find contrast in his films, having them feel both majestic and raw, and with an obvious photographers eye for the beauty if an image.

But this is a man of many talents one being that he also makes music, if you visit Hannes apartment you’ll notice all the synthesizers and drum machines that occupies the living room. He always has different musical projects going on and although he likes to keep them to himself, on occasion he will make a contribution for a film he´s directing.

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