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Aspekt is a Swedish production company, producing commercial film for all media. We are continuously striving to improve and redefine the traditional view of what a production company can do. By representing the most creative minds in the business, Aspekt delivers work that is characterized by a strong visual focus and a minute attention to detail.

Alphabetical Order®

Alphabetical Order® is a directing duo consisting of Marcus Linnér and Daniel de Viciola. Coming from the fields of graphic design and still photography, the evolvement into film making was a natural progress.

The career took off with eight one minute spots for Nike, and since then, Alphabetical Order® has directed campaigns for Audi, General Electric, Saab and Volvo among many other brands ­— several projects being huge launch campaigns.

Through their broad knowledge in several fields, the work of Alphabetical Order® includes both advanced 3D as well as interactive content. They often work with a mix between live action and 3D, but have also done entirerly animated spots. What characterizes their reel is an attention to detail and a care for aesthetics.

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RBG6 is an abbreviation of Rödabergsgatan 6, which is the street address of the studio where RBG6 once was founded. RBG6 consists of Joel Nordström and Lars Ohlin working as a directing duo in the field of commercial film.

The films of RBG6 are often referred to as ‘graphic’ or ‘stylized’ and driven by an aestethic idea which often also is a part of the storyline. The films also holds a somehow poetic quirkiness and quite unique narrative aspects.

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Linnéa Bergman

Linnéa Bergman started art school with a career as an illustrator in mind. However, after a course in title sequences she began working with moving images, often holding the camera herself and handling post production on her own laptop. Eventually, film credits and visual image films paved the way to a director’s position that took off in 2006 under the partnership Ensrettet. Over the years she has worked on commercial campaigns for brands such as IKEA, Bosch, Philips, Jaguar, H&M, Baccarat and Lenscrafters.

Her work is defined by a sharp and graphical focus, always showing us a different angle and presenting objects in a new light. At the same time she has an emotional and humane approach to her films, giving them an almost physical presence that leaves the viewer with a new level of perception.

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Hannes Isaksson

Hannes Isaksson's background with film photography leads to his reel having a profound attention to the visual subtleties of cinematography.

The somewhat raw mood of the more intensive films, combined with the calmer larger-than-life feel created in others are both testaments to his careful appreciation of the cinematic. With both a mind for the importance of aesthetics as well as a love for the documentary film genre he crafts spots that reaches into the heart of the spectator and are nothing but epic.

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